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Commercial Painting


Put your best foot forward in all of your public spaces with coatings and paint that are durable and beautiful.

Commercial spaces have high traffic and put high demands on durability and appearance. Keep your facilities current and in good shape with our commercial painting service. We offer colour and finishes to keep your locations looking fresh and up-to-date. From ceilings to walls and right down to your floors, we offer finishes and coatings to keep up with heavy traffic and current trends.


Epoxy Floor
Paint / Coating


Epoxy Floor Painting / Coating

Industrial epoxy coated floors are strong, durable and easy to maintain. Our years of experience mean we can assist you in choosing the finish and specification to match your warehouse or industrial facilities needs and make sure it is applied correctly.

The secret to a great finish is in the planning and surface preparation. Our fully trained crew assess and executes the surface preparation that will give the best results, from power washing to heavy duty Blastrac shot blasting, we use the right tool for the job, with minimal mess and disruption. Epoxy finished floors are only one of the many options for coating the floor in you facility contact us for more information on our other floor finishing / refinishing services.

epoxy floor coatings
urethane floor coatings
static dissipation coatings
non-slip coatings
spark & explosion-proof coatings
1/4″ trowelled epoxy for abusive environments
quartz broadcast
Blastrac shot-blasting
diamond grinding & scarifiying
concrete floor polishing

 We also offer safety line, markings, and delineation line painting.


Pressure Washing


We have many high-pressure tactics.

That is why you need us. Cleaning and preparing your surfaces for painting and coating is the only way to ensure a finish that looks good and works well.  We have equipment for high pressure and ultra-high pressure washing with either hot or cold water. Sometimes all your facilities need is a refresh.  Call AOFC to see how we can wash away your worry, from large-scale building cleaning to surface preparation.


Concrete Polishing


Polished concrete floors offer a beautiful alternative to floor coatings and coverings.

The gleaming polished surface is naturally slip-resistant, dust-free and simple to clean and care for.

Our concrete polishing unlocks the beauty hidden within this incredibly durable material.

Polished concrete floors are great for LEEDS as there are no VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) and your floors are ready for use as soon as the polishing is complete. There is no down time for curing or drying.

Polished and densified floors are easy to care for. The hardened surface is scratch-resistant and repels many liquids, preventing staining and making clean-up a breeze.

Our Concrete Polishing Process involves grinding, polishing, colouring and densifying. Contact us for more details and options to bring out the beauty hiding in your floor.


Industrial Painting

Industrial Painting.jpg

Your facilities can age gracefully.

A fresh coating not only improves the aesthetics of your facilities but can also improve performance, comfort and moral. Industrial facilities have many different surfaces with very different needs. AOFC has the experience and knowledge to guide you to your perfect finish.

Industrial surfaces can range from heavy duty to minimal traffic. For every surface and purpose there is a coating to meet your needs. To get the most out of that coating, you need a contractor who knows what surface preparation is needed and how to successfully apply the coating.

The range of coatings we use includes, but is not limited to:

non-slip coatings
epoxies, multi-part epoxies
oil-based and latex paints
high-adhesion coatings for dirty environments
direct-to-rust coatings
specialty coatings
urethanes, polyurethanes
industrial enamels
dryfall paints
low-emissions coatings

Feel free to contact us about special applications and Intumescent coatings.


Sand Blasting


Because your finish depends on your start.

Our professional finishing and coating begins with professional preparation. AOFC evaluates each job individually and we prepare each surface with the end surface in mind. From sandblasting to shot blasting, we choose the method and media to match surface requirements with the needs of the final finish. We have the equipment to get your surface preparation done in the least amount of time with the least amount of mess, leaving your new surface virtually dust-free.


Tank Lining


Refinish before you need to replace. Reverse the damage and restore value to your assets.

Bulk storage tanks have different needs in all industries, including petrochemical, food processing and plastics. We have the preparation equipment and skilled labour to tackle your tank refinishing for both interior and exterior. From ultra high-pressure washing to heavy-duty shot blasting, we can get your tanks and silos ready.




Don’t let your facility's energy get lost in the cracks.

Properly sealed and caulked windows and doors not only add to the general appearance of your buildings, but they also save money and energy and prevent potential water damage. AOFC can help you match the caulking to your facility's needs and application. Keep weather out and energy in with AOFC commercial caulking services. Your building will look great and work better.