Epoxy Floor Painting


Epoxy Floor Painting

Industrial epoxy coated floors are strong, durable and easy to maintain. Our years of experience mean we can assist you in choosing the finish and specification to match your warehouse or industrial facilities needs and make sure it is applied correctly.

The secret to a great finish is in the planning and surface preparation. Our fully trained crew assess and executes the surface preparation that will give the best results, from power washing to heavy duty Blastrac shot blasting, we use the right tool for the job, with minimal mess and disruption. Epoxy finished floors are only one of the many options for coating the floor in you facility contact us for more information on our other floor finishing / refinishing services.

epoxy floor coatings
urethane floor coatings
static dissipation coatings
non-slip coatings
spark & explosion-proof coatings
1/4″ trowelled epoxy for abusive environments
quartz broadcast
Blastrac shot-blasting
diamond grinding & scarifiying
concrete floor polishing

 We also offer safety line, markings, and delineation line painting.